Polystar 5 Burner Gas Cooker PV-FS80G5GB

₦ 185550 ₦ 195550
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The Polystar 5 Burner Gas Cooker PV-FS80G5GB is efficient, durable and reliable. It comes in smooth stainless steel body with a finish design which is perfect for your kitchen space. The body of this cooker is easy to use and maintain; soak a kitchen towel in water and use to wipe its body after use. The multi-functional cooker features 5 gas burners. It also comes with a gas oven. The control knobs will allow you control the intensity of the heat when cooking, grilling or baking. The Polystar cooker is a fusion of quality and state of the art design. This 5 burner gas cooker is ideal for any cooking ability and will fit perfectly into a kitchen of any size.

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