Scanfrost 8Kg Condenser Dryer SFD8000 -Sliver

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The Scanfrost Condenser Dryer SFD8000 is a sleek American style front load dryer. The dryer is built for long lasting use with high performance. The Scanfrost Condenser Dryer will keep your clothes looking at their freshest. The Scanfrost Condenser Dryer has an 8kg loading capacity. These features allow the Scanfrost Condenser Dryer to accommodate more clothes at once. The Dryer features 4 dryer programs and 4 different temperature options. 8 Kg Tumble Dryer Class B Energy rated high efficiency Condenser Dryer Condenser drying ensures placement of the product in an area without an external vent (which is required in case of vent dryer) Highly energy efficient due to condenser drying action (reuses hot air to dry clothes) The condenser drying action is softer on fabric and thus ensures fabrics last longer.

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